Direct Mail Printer of the Year – the secret to our success

2 minutes 6th November

Last month, we were really pleased that Geoff Neal Group won the Print Week Awards Direct Mail Printer of the Year again to make it a record eighth time now – all within the last 13 years. And let us tell you, it felt just as sweet!
It was another great night celebrating the success with our team, but once the hangovers had abated and the black ties and evening dresses were in the dry cleaners, it was time to reflect and understand the reasons behind the win.

So what makes Geoff Neal a successful DM printer?

Printing, like baking, requires the right ingredients combined together to get the result you want. Quite simply, we can put this down to three vital ingredients which we bake in to every direct mail job we produce.

1. Fantastic clients

Geoff Neal has been lucky enough to be working with fantastic clients for over 40 years. Having clients who want to make direct mail special is the first crucial ingredient. Our clients come to us as they know we think outside of the box and at the same time really understand direct mail production.

2. Knowledge

The second ingredient is knowledge. This can only be earned with time and experience. Even the ideas which don’t happen due to time or budget restrictions add to our understanding; we are forever learning and are always there to share this with our customers to enhance what they do.

3. Passion

The final ingredient is passion. This can be found in everyone from the estimator trying to find a way to make the budget stretch to that extra special finishing technique through to the mailing worker carefully bagging the mail piece ready to send out.

The end result?

By ingraining the three ingredients across the entire team, everyone at Geoff Neal knows the importance of what we do and what drives us to succeed to keep producing award winning DM, year after year.