Approved by Royal Mail to produce mail with Mailmark option

1 minute 24th July

Mailmark barcode technology offers smarter mail with online reporting. The web based portal shows detailed batch level reporting with predicted delivery, volume and performance as well as item level error reporting, added to your existing product for no extra cost from Royal Mail. The Mailmark option is available with machine-readable Business, Advertising and Publishing Mail, Low and non-sorted options.

How did Geoff Neal become approved for Mailmark?

The approval process for Mailmark was a 4 week assessment process which consisted of the following 3 steps:

1) Access to the Mailmark test site to enable Geoff Neal to make sure the software is able to link to their systems. Geoff Neal created batches, e-manifests and carried out general process testing.

2) Geoff Neal Produced barcodes for Lasered and Inkjetted pieces which were then submitted to be checked to ensure by Royal Mail to ensure they can be read by the machines.

3) Geoff Neal then went live on the Royal Mail system and created a live supply chain. They created and submitted 200 mail packs and send those to Royal Mail for live testing.

You want to use Mailmark, what do you need to do next?

If you would like to send Mailmark Mailings with Geoff Neal, you will need to have a Supply ID created which will take approximately 5 days. To do this Geoff Neal need the following information:

• Mail Originator

• Mail Producer

• Carrier

• Bill Payer

Where can I find more information on Mailmark?

There is more information about Mailmark on the Royal Mail website which can be found using the link below.