Hybrid Screening for High Definition Printing

1 minute 15th May

At Geoff Neal, we are using Prinect Hybrid screening to create fantastic High Definition printed results. Since its adoption at Geoff Neal in 2014, it has proved popular with a number of clients and has proved great for quality catalogues, brochures and DM.

Hybrid Screening allows extremely fine screens to be printed reliably giving an amazing ‘HD’ image. The print result achieved with these screen frequencies is outstandingly smooth and the offset rosette is also no longer visible. This screen allows extremely high screen frequencies to be printed without the dots in the highlights disappearing or the shadows filling in.

Hybrid Screening is a logical further development from Heidelberg IS technology. It is the ideal fusion of conventional and frequency-modulated screens, combining the benefits of both methods and was created as fine screens in particular were highly prone to dot disappearance in the highlight area.

How it works – the technical bit…..  in the highlight area, Hybrid Screening has screen dots of a defined size that are distributed in a quasi random pattern and can be set to between 4 and 9 image setter pixels. As the tonal value increases, further dots are set forming a conventional, amplitude-modulated screen in the midtones. In the shadows, holes of a defined size are also distributed in a quasi random pattern.

If you’d like to know more about our high definition printing or see samples, please drop us an email here.