The Geoff Neal Group

1 minute 11th August

We have recently undergone a brand refresh at Geoff Neal, evolving to reflect the growth of the business, from humble beginnings in October 1976 around the corner in Hounslow to where we are now, the Geoff Neal Group, offering a range of services, incorporating design, print and consultation.

Our manufacturing has always been and always will be at the heart of our business. However, rather inadvertently we have been offering design services, both for print and online, along with consultancy for years but we have never shouted about it. The clients that know us well, know that they can ask us for these services and now we are taking these to market, in what we believe is a unique way.

So what is different…..

We offer joined up thinking from concept to delivery. Our knowledge is earned and held within our business enabling us to deliver a tailored, bespoke services to our clients. We combine the best of design and creativity with manufacturing expertise to ensure that the answer to a brief is brilliant, efficient, on budget and deliverable from the start.

If you would like to know more, please explore our new website or drop us a mail.

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