We are completely committed to our duty as individuals and as a business to be environmentally responsible. Back in 1998, long before it was fashionable or required for box ticking, we started to investigate and understand our environmental impact and work out what we could do to make improvements. We have made steady progress in all areas of our business over the years and this ideology remains with us today. After all, like most things, environmental performance needs to be a continuous improvement process. Doing the right thing hasn’t always been easy but we are committed to being an environmentally responsible manufacturer.

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The knowledge we have gained on our environmental journey has enabled us to improve our quality and efficiency as well because these three key business areas are fundamentally linked.

We hold various environmental accreditations but simply passing these isn’t good enough for us. We always exceed the requirements of our certifying bodies.


This doesn’t mean we go around tree hugging or anything, but through our policies and efforts, we are actively working to lessen the impact our business makes on the environment. We’re proud to have made giant leaps forward in some areas and smaller ones in others but, hand on heart, we do believe they all count. We’ve received plenty of accreditations but don’t stop there and as a result, continue to exceed the requirements of our certifying bodies.

Our clients tell us they’re pleased that our prices haven’t increased despite our continued commitment to the environment!


UKAS certified ISO 14001.
FSC® certified (that’s the Forest Stewardship Council ®).
Actively reducing the waste that we send to landfill by over 90%.
Increasing our electrical energy efficiency by a third to around 90/92%.
We think carefully about the environmental impact of new machinery or products as we look to improve our business.